Small Incidents

It was a gloomy day in Dublin. It had been raining all morning. James didn’t see why it was so gloomy. After all, he had saved the world from the Necromancers only yesterday. But not everyone knew that. He walked down the street. He saw that everyone he passed was scared, rushing away from the centre of the city. Then he saw why. There was a man on top of a building, sending streams of energy down into the city, wreaking buildings, and narrowly missing people. He ran forward, but was sent back by a stream of energy. He ran forward and blasted energy of his own at the man on the building. The man was knocked back. He fell off the building, but hit the ground seemingly painlessly. He got up and ran at James. James punched him, sending him back. Incredibly, he got back up. James sent a stream of energy at him. He fell over and didn’t get up. Seemingly no one had seen any of this. Just another one of those small incidents.


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