I stood in the doorway, waiting for midnight. My friend stood still beside me. We stood there for what felt like a lifetime, until he gathered the courage to speak. “What are we waiting for?” He enquired. I said nothing. I heard a clock chime. It was time. It lurched out from under the floor, screeching its shrill screech. We ran, not looking back. We could hear its heavy footsteps. I was wondering if the floor could even handle its weight. We were moving very fast when… I could see it ahead, moaning a low, deep moan, hungry for its prey. All I could do was sit back and watch its slow approach, it was taunting us… I grabbed my friend by the arm and ran…


  1. Hi Jason,

    Wow - what a suspenseful and mysterious tale! I really like how you have set your story at midnight - the bewitching hour! - and how you have used short sentences and powerful vocabulary like 'screeched' to build up the tension in your story. And I love the mystery of not knowing what 'it' is, just that it is 'hungry for its prey'!

    Thank you for entering the 100WC!

    Best wishes,
    Mel Wells (Team 100)
    Somerset, UK


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